‘webbynw4’ has sent us this photo, as he’s not sure what sort of Carp it is. Looks like some sort of hybrid to us, but can you help out? If so mail us at nkw@go-fish.co.uk. Thanks.

We’ve had an answer on this from Michael Bell
The carp shown is known as the "the redhorses" (genus Moxostoma) it is a breed of carp that’s is falling . It’s a fairly rare fish normally 9-12 lbs in weight.

Although Scott Birkinshaw says
this isn't a 'redhorses' carp, it is infact a ghost carp. You can tell it is a ghost carp very easily, mainly because of the dark area / patch of colouration on the head, around the eye. A redhorse carp is a small silver like fish that isn't in england and it lives in rivers and lakes in other countries in europe.
(Scott’s probably right as he has a national diploma in fishery management and has studied fish for many years.)


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