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Date: 05.11.05 Brrrrrrrr!
Lake: Staunton Court. Gloucestershire
Well, Ryan has, at the age of 8, got a hunger for big fish! He wants to fish the bigger lakes now like Richworth Linear Fisheries and Whelford. We have done the odd 24hr together, but its a big learning curve for him. I even look up to him (or is it down?!) that such a young child can be so into something with so much eager.
So after a few hard to take blanks at St. John's - Linear, we decided to have a bash on a local lake, and try for a nice winter carp. Somehow a winter double, is as good as 20lb in the summer!
Ryan is always left to choose the swim, after a little water craft lesson from myself. By the way, I learn more from that than I care to admit! Pod out, rods out, little pva bags made up, and finally bait selection. Now, this is easy when you're 8, you pick the one you can eat! Easy!Pepperami!!!! Again, after a chat about where the bait should go, Ryan chooses an under arm cast to a corner of a building that is standing in the water. "Good spot Ry." I conformed.
As I hold the back of his jacket (Well he is 8!) he leans out and plops his bait about 3 foot from the wall. "Hmmmm!" I think to myself, I would of liked to get it a little closer myself, but I kept quite, and commented that it looks a good as any spot to get a run.
His 2nd rod gets no way as much attention, it gets launched out into the middle................somewhere!
With Ryan settled, I get my rods out, funny how I don't mind blanking when i'm with Ryan, as long as he goes home with a story to tell about the fish he caught.
30mins or so, well in to our first cup tea, Ryan's 2nd rod goes screaming!! "Got it!" He squeals, it's landed, just under 8lb. Its photo taken, and put back, as quick as poss.
Looking at the photos on the camera at Ryan's pictures, his first rod nearly jumps off the alarm, bent around 45deg as the Carp takes line, and the alarm squeals. "Go Ry!" I shout, but he's well on the ball, he's on the rods in flash. Now this is where being a Dad comes in, I grab his jacket again so not to see him follow the fish!
Not getting sign of the fish topping for a while, and the bend in his rod, I'm thinking this is not the normal kipper Ryan is used to. It comes in pretty easy, well, right up the net. It has a last surge for freedom, my heart is racing, been there I'm thinking, praying that the hook holds! Ryan's knuckles are white now, then it rolls over into the net. "WOW!" shouts Ryan. "Blimey mate!" I said as I then have to use 2 hands to lift it out and onto the unhooking mat.
By now we have a few visitors to view the catch. Ryan's face is a picture in itself, amazement mixed with fear! The hook is out, and in the net already, "look Ry, barbless hooks, its out." We slip the fish out the net, and line up for the weigh in! Round goes the scales, bouncing on 17lb dead on. "Blimey Ryan!"
"Wow.....its massive!" Ryan says. This is his PB by far, in fact by a good 7lb!
Camera out and we shoot away, the only problem was, it was November, and his little hands were freezing, so picking the lump up was not on the cards! Still, we have some great pictures, and even better memories.....
Hope I haven't gone to much, but it a great story, and I love telling it. A memory that will be shared with us both forever.
Oh, I hate to add, its only a few pound away from my PB! And the way he is going, it's me that will need the tuition!!!!
Best of luck Ryan........ Love Dad X


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