Regular carp anglers will relate to an event this week as Darren Williamson of Stockport joined a long list of husbands who have left their rods in the charge of wives, girlfriends, kids etc, for 5 minutes only to return to find a large carp on the mat. Just ask Roger Moore, Darren Williamson, Derek Hart, Ian Fisher and Barrie Thomas, they have all fallen foul of this scenario. In Darren's case he was four days into a ten day stay with his wife Steff and young son enjoying a few smaller carp and two catfish to 15lb when he left the bank to visit the tackle shop and stock up on fresh bait. However within minutes, shouting by fellow anglers prompted a 200 yard sprint back to his peg only to find his wife Steff cradling a twenty one and a half pound common in the arms of his landing net. The curse strikes again! and mickey taking is endured, but who's next, it always happens here!
So the moral of the story is, bring your wife by all means, but send her to the shop if you need anything.
Thanks to Llyn y gors fishery for the photo.


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